Our program is geared towards helping anyone with any experience level learn to personally grow and transform, by using the broader tools (not just physical ones) of the ancient system of Yoga.

The Yogi Training program at St. Petersburg Yoga is designed with a broad range of students in mind. Some individuals sign up for the program who are brand new to Yoga, and some are long-time practitioners. You will feel like you fit in no matter your experience level.

I want to be a Yoga Teacher. Would this be a good program for me?

Certainly! If you’ve fallen in love with the practice of Yoga and want to make teaching a part of your purposeful work, the Yogi training program will give you the tools (and the Yoga Alliance Certificate) you need to be able to outwardly teach the practices of Yoga. Those who graduate this program and complete all their hours will receive either a 200-hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certificate or a 500-hour RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) certificate, depending on which course they enrolled in. This type of certificate is the industry standard for Yoga Teachers.

I want to do this for the personal experience, not to teach. Would this be a good program for me?

Yes! Many of our students join the Yogi Training program with no intention of outwardly teaching, but instead because they’d like to use Yoga to deepen their own personal practice through an inward journey of Self Discovery. We often have students join who are in some transition period in their lives, maybe starting a new career or reevaluating some major parts of their lives. During these times Yogic Self-Study and practice can be immensely helpful for people to discover more of who they are and what directions they want to move in.

Do I need to be “experienced” to do Yogi Training?

No. In fact, people who come into the program without much Yoga experience have the advantage of a built-in “Beginners Mind” which is a big fundamental practice in Yoga. Even for experienced Yogis who enter the program, we ask them to do the challenging practice of setting aside what they already know and being open to learning about Yoga (and more importantly themselves) in a whole new way. If you’re new to Yoga, then this will be an easier task for you!

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