Our Classic Fundamentals classes are moderate in pace and physical intensity, mixing together stronger classic standing Yoga postures with more stretch-oriented restorative postures. A little of everything!

For students who feel they could benefit from both strengthening and stretching, these Classic Fundamentals classes may be just the right fit. They strike a balance between our Restorative Therapeutic classes and our Strengthen / Flow classes, so you’ll get a little bit of both.

If you’re new to Yoga and don’t have any outstanding pains or injuries, these classes are often a good place to come in. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and practice attention to proper form within each posture, as the flow of the class is slower and we hold each posture longer. Themes throughout the classes focus on this attention to proper form, growing and practicing our breath (pranayama), as well as other fundamental teachings of authentic ancient Yoga like Beginners Mind, Edge, and Balance.

In addition to the many physical benefits from these balancing Classic Fundamentals classes, their affect on the mind can be potent and transformational. For some, the slower style of the classic flow classes are an opportunity to balance out a fast-paced life style which helps with anxiety and tension in the mind and body. For others, within the context of their lives, these classes bring uplifting energy needed for balancing depression or low energy.


Recommended For:

— Gaining strength & flexibility
— Building joint integrity
— Practicing form & alignment
— Increasing mind-body awareness
— Building the breath
— Good style for new students without any outstanding pains or injuries
— Good pace for teens

What to expect

  • Even mix of strengthening & stretching classic Yoga postures
  • Flow style class, at a moderate pace
  • Moderate physical intensity
  • A mix of classic standing postures and restorative floor postures
  • Strong attention to breath (pranayama)
  • Emphasis on lengthening muscles and gaining space in the joints
  • Hatha / Iyengar influenced sequences

Questions about Classes?