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St. Petersburg Yoga helped me when the physical therapists could not. A chronic low back issue had nagged me for many years and engaging in weekly work in private sessions, the problem was remedied. Their knowledge comes from personal experience and the 25+ years in teaching. I highly recommend SPY.

— Bert S.

During my private sessions, my teacher was welcoming and professional. She listened with intent and valued my time by keeping me on course throughout the questions and conversation. Not only was it a helpful environment in which to verbally process my thoughts, it was also an opportunity to receive insight to what I was sharing. I especially appreciated suggestions on how to reduce suffering in my life with daily mindfulness practices, as well as direction as to how to approach my physical yoga practice. By choosing a private, 1-on-1 sessions, I felt I was able to jumpstart some personal practices that might have taken much longer for me to discover on my own.

— Parker T.

I started private sessions with SPY almost five years ago. My work day/week is always crazy ridiculous and while I do love it, the effect of that high-intensity work-life over a prolonged period catapulted me – quite unwillingly – into a state of high anxiety and uncontrollable panic. I was in a pretty vulnerable state, so I’m very grateful that I had (and continue to have) the benefit of SPY’s guidance to better master mind/body balance. SPY goes above and beyond to make the yoga practice personable, and consequently it’s been a life changing experience! Namaste.

— Stephanie S.

I am a 61 year old veteran of several lower lumbar surgeries, the last of which was a fusion at L5-S1, L4-L5. I’ve enjoyed being active most of my life and exercise regularly but was constantly challenged by the inevitable pain and inflexibility brought about by my surgeries. I’ve tried chiropractic, PT, acupuncture and yoga classes but it wasn’t until I started working with SPY, one-on-one, that I saw noticeable results. My teacher has a powerful skill set drawing from years of experience as a yogi and gifted instructor who is kind, compassionate and committed to sharing her knowledge and improving the lives of her students. Working with SPY has been a gift.

— Jeff P.

I am so impressed and grateful for your videos. I’ve been doing some of the Classic and Restorative lessons and I feel as though I have my own personal teacher right there with me. The step-by-step guidance and reminders echo throughout my day.

— Barbara T.

My private sessions helped me to find the insight I needed to help move forward and remove the confusion. If you are stuck on something, SPY is excellent! They have helped me to get unstuck and focus on the things that really matter.

— John P.

I wanted to say a few words about the satisfaction and progress my wife and I have had since starting Yoga, at St.Petersburg Yoga. I am 53 years old, with Parkinson’s Disease, and due to a very active life and dangerous career path, I have a lot of spinal and joint issues, and a few non-original body parts. My wife has severe back problems as well as not knowing how to process the stress in her/our lives. We have tried many forms of treatment, both Eastern and Western methods, with minimal relief. We had never tried Yoga before taking a leap of faith with St Pete Yoga.

Along with our ongoing private sessions, we are tasked with “homework” poses and exercises for us to do at home. We have also taken St Pete Yoga’s workshops and classes dealing with meditation, relaxation, life simplification and mindfulness. All of this has led to improvement in all aspects of our lives.

— Bob and Barby J.

I am really enjoying this online platform. I appreciate all of you for your time and energy and effort in making this such an insightful and mindful program. I had some resistance at first because of my previous yoga experiences. Overcoming and exploring that resistance has been such a wonderful eye-opening journey, truly refreshing. With every lesson I can see and feel how it improves my teaching and self-practice. Thank you.

— Tavia S.

I grew up with severe scoliosis and had three back surgeries from the ages of 11-17. I didn’t think I was capable of doing yoga. St. Petersburg Yoga was the first time I heard someone in a yoga class tell me not to push beyond my limits in a way that hurts myself and how to listen to my body. I have gained more flexibility than I ever have in my life and have fallen in love with my yoga practice.

— Kristen K.

I had tried all of the meditation apps and yoga videos available before scheduling a private session with SPY. It was the greatest decision I could have made. The practice was extremely unique compared to anything I have seen previously. My teacher provided guidance and was a fantastic listener. In addition, I love the weekly goals I was assigned as reminders to maintain life balance. I look forward to my weekly sessions and have recommended it to others as well. You will not be disappointed.

— Doug W.

My mobility and spirit improves on a weekly basis because I am attending classes at St. Petersburg Yoga. The mental impact has been hope for mobile longevity with this 60-year-young body. I’ve learned how to use props which helps me do a posture ‘my way’ and avoid injury. Just as important, I’ve learned to find my “edge” and not cross it, ignoring how everyone else is doing nearby. In my first 3 months at SPY I have gotten a chronic knee problem under control by focusing on Restorative / Therapeutic practices. Whenever I got discouraged I found compassion and encouragement that has helped to reshape my perception of the mind body connection. My knee has recovered to the point where I’ve recently been able to add the Classic / Fundamentals class. Joy Joy and more Joy.

— Tina L.

I have been fortunate to have private lessons with a superb and patient teacher at St. Petersburg Yoga. His depth of experience, patience, clarity of demonstrating each lesson. I readily see how the yoga experience will be a beneficial step in my health and well-being, and improve my golf swing, which helps to increase my confidence. The end result I was able to lower my handicap by 4 strokes.

— Debbie T.

I am a multi-sport endurance athlete. My right knee has been nagging me for months. I’ve seen massage therapists, my family doc and an orthopedic surgeon. They have all helped me to some degree, but SPY empowered me with some things I can do on my own. My easy solution for everything has always been “make it stronger!” but I learned that building space in my joints was what I really needed. We also looked at my desk-sitting/car-driving lifestyle and how that contributes to my tight legs and back. I now have a 20 minute post-workout routine that has helps me a lot. SPY’s overall approach to my wellness, both mental and physical, has a great positive impact on both my athletic and personal life.

— David L.

Grateful to St. Petersburg Yoga. You all have kept me grounded, motivated, feeling good physically, whatever I needed that day. The access to your online video library and practice has been invaluable to me. Thank you all so much.

— Sheila J.

I came to St. Petersburg Yoga because I was experiencing back, shoulder, and neck pain. I was also anxious and constantly stressed. I was seeking relief, and I knew something had to change. I thought I could learn some yoga postures that would help my issues, and I thought the meditation classes would help me relax. Turns out, yoga is so much more than that! The yoga system is one that is truly transformational. After going through the teacher training program, one-on-one sessions, and my own at-home practice, I learned tools and practices to help me achieve balance in all areas of my life. I learned what my limits were, how to listen to my brain and body, and how to combat negative self-talk, anxious thoughts, and worries. Through self-reflection I also realized several areas of imbalance in my life; for example, I was working too much, pushing myself too hard and doing exercise that was damaging to my body. I started to approach my yoga practice and my daily life by asking myself “what is balancing for me?” To the instructors at St. Petersburg Yoga – Thank you!

— Anna H.

My private sessions were personal and transformative. My teacher’s compassion and coaching empowered my teenage daughter in her struggle with anxiety, depression and an eating disorder and it enabled both of us to navigate the stress of divorce. I credit those sessions for helping us exercise forgiveness, discover self-worth and establish healthy boundaries that now allow us to be more effective and balanced in our daily lives. I can’t say enough about St. Petersburg Yoga. Choosing to begin my yoga journey with their guidance is one of the most significant, life-altering decisions I have ever made.

— Jennifer S.

Wow, I wasn’t expecting to feel so free after my first private session. We worked on specific areas like my shoulders from throwing on the potters wheel and my knee from ACL surgery. My teacher’s manner of describing words into feeling made the zoom session very successful for me. I highly recommend SPY.

— Robin M.

I am old and stiff. After a couple private sessions, my body is feeling better and not so uncomfortable. Some stuff isn’t about being flexible. We work on things like stress, family conflict and work life balance. Who knew? Yoga? It’s all designed for me. The virtual sessions are convenient. Progress is slow sometimes, but I can see the progress. My teacher’s guidance is very clear and easy to follow. I don’t worry about hurting myself either. That was a big concern of mine in the beginning. I didn’t think stiff old guys could do yoga. My teacher is very reassuring and encouraging too. Our schedule keeps me going. She keeps me accountable. I’ve come to respect her insight and look forward to each session. I always feel so much better.

— Robert B.

Doing private sessions with SPY has been a calming pause in my life chaos; a moment to step back, re-evaluate, and redirect. My teacher is easy to talk to, compassionate and thoughtful. His feedback has helped direct me to each next, practical step towards relief and well being.

— Jeremiah H.

I have two curves in my back, both greater than 40°, and although I was active in swimming and triathlons, my lower back pain was becoming more and more difficult to manage. At the recommendation of my back doctor and a few friends, I sought out St. Petersburg Yoga to relieve my pain. I had several private sessions with Chris whose scoliosis is more severe than mine, and who, over a lifetime of experience has learned to address pain and the consequences of the curvatures. After having me go through a series of stretches, he was able to show me which sides had less mobility and required longer hold times. He taught me how to recognize the imbalances in my body, not just by visual cues, but by understanding ‘edge.’ I used the swing to help decompress my spine and the shoulder stand for my neck. After just a few sessions, I remember the first time in years when I was able to turn my head to the left to look behind me. I didn’t have to turn my whole torso, and I didn’t feel any pain. What an amazing feeling – I never knew how much I could miss such a simple movement! With his extensive yoga knowledge and experience with scoliosis, Chris helped me ease my pain and gave me the freedom to engage in more activities than I had been able to in years!

— Livia Z.

I consistently have high blood pressure but after coming to the Restorative classes my blood pressure was 114 over 68. It has not been that low in 40 years! I want everyone to know there’s more reasons to come here than they might think about.

— Donna J.

I’ve been doing private sessions with SPY on a regular basis for the last year and a half – and I have seen a dramatic shift in my life imbalance. I am more aware of who I am, what challenges I have, and how to overcome them. You have to put in the work to see the results; it’s not always easy, fun or quick, but it is very rewarding to see yourself grow and transform into a more balanced human. SPY has also helped me and my loved ones navigate conflict, allowing us to resolve rather than resent – and deepening our relationships rather than diminishing.

— Nia G.

I have been a serious runner for many years and have coped with pain in my lower back, glutes and hamstrings. Sometimes the pain is excruciating. Needless to say I have looked for the best holistic treatments and practitioners wherever I lived in various parts of the country – all with limited success. St. Petersburg Yoga gave me a series of related poses that have made me feel great. They are soothing and easy to do. And best of all, they really work. Thanks.

— Andrew S.

I did my absolute first class of meditation, Restore and Sound at St. Pete Yoga last Sunday and I have had the best sleep as well as the best week in a long time. I am now hooked this was an awesome class as a newbie.

— Sherry H.

After a SPY class full of long, carefully coached leg and hip stretches last night, I did not utter my usual morning “owww” upon awakening. Then I stood up and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I felt… what is this?… oh, that’s “good”.  And I walked without my customary morning zombie gait, or needing to take time for my knees to boot up before walking me around. I’m amazed. Thank you. I was afraid that pain and stiffness that I’d been suffering from for so long was just how life had to be from now on. I can see life at the end of the tunnel, now.

— Cathy N.

As a first time yoga student working on some specific health issues I have been fortunate enough to have private lessons from St Pete Yoga. The depth of experience, clarity of demonstrative explanation and reassuring positivism combine to give me motivation and confidence. I readily see how the yoga experience will be a most beneficial step in my health and well-being. Based on my experience I can unqualifiedly recommend St. Petersburg Yoga.

— John Paul J.

I really liked how my teacher spent time to understand my unique history and experience with yoga and fitness, and also my past injuries and persistent aches/pains. She helped me understand the difference between pain/aches in my joints versus muscle, and how to pay attention to that. I have a long history of hip joint pain and she showed me ways to stretch without going too far, and to learn to be patient with stretches by going slower and less deep, but still getting a very good stretch. She also helped me understand my recurring knee pain, and talked to me about the importance of protecting my knee for my future. I’m 50 years old and hadn’t thought about it from that perspective so it was helpful to hear and learn how to make sure I’m not adding on any harm when exercising or weight training.

— Nicole B.

As a blind person with Type 1 diabetes, I was pleased to find a studio that provides private sessions. The instruction I’ve received at St Petersburg Yoga has made a profound difference in the quality of my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. From the very start, I’ve been treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect, and, during every class, my individual needs are carefully considered. Because stress management plays a huge role in diabetes management, I am really benefiting from both the physical exercise and the meditative techniques that yoga provides. Through St. Pete Yoga’s excellent teaching I’ve gained greater strength, flexibility, and balance; not only on the mat, but in my life.

— Amy K.

My wife and I have been taking private lessons from St. Petersburg Yoga for over 15 years. We are 76 years young. SPY has been a great help in allowing us to maintain our flexibility as we have aged. I highly recommend their services.

— Gary M.

My practice grew in ways I never imagined at St. Pete Yoga. It was the first studio I encountered that promoted being safe, and not pushing yourself to the point of injury. The cues were all things I had never heard incorporated into a yoga class – and made me realize why I have the injuries I do because I was never told what the feelings that came up meant. It was at St. Pete Yoga that I truly learned how to connect with my body; both physically and mentally.

— Whitnea H.