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Your studio has come to be an important part of my life.  I don’t even want to imagine what my life would be like without it. In the year since I’ve been coming regularly to classes and workshops my strength, flexibility and balance have improved markedly. I’m so grateful to the excellent teaching and office staff for their skill and compassion.

— Linda Flood

I wanted to say a few words about the satisfaction and progress my wife and I have had since starting Yoga, at St.Petersburg Yoga. I am 53 years old, with Parkinson’s Disease, and due to a very active life and dangerous career path, I have a lot of spinal and joint issues, and a few non-original body parts. My wife (much younger than me) has severe back problems as well as not knowing how to process the stress in her/our lives. We have tried many forms of treatment, both Eastern and Western methods, with minimal relief. We had never tried Yoga before taking a leap of faith with St Pete Yoga.

We started our journey with private sessions, designed specifically for us and our very specific needs and abilities. Many days my wife has hobbled in pain into class, only to strut out pain free. Her strength, balance, pain, mental clarity and peacefulness have all been improved. My balance, strength, flexibility, tremors and pain has been greatly improved as well.

Along with our ongoing private sessions, we are tasked with “homework”, poses and exercises for us to do at home, hopefully daily. We have also taken St Pete Yoga’s workshops and classes dealing with meditation, relaxation, life simplification and mindfulness. All of this has led to improvement in all aspects of our lives. We also enjoy the tie-in and convenience of a health food store and deli on the ground floor of the building, this makes healthy choices a lot easier.

— Bob Jones & Barby Jones

I love this place. I consistently have high blood pressure but after coming to the Restorative classes my blood pressure was 114/ over 68. It has not been that low in 40 years! I want everyone to know there’s more reasons to come here than they might think about.

— Donna Jarratt

I just wanted to say thank you for having such a wonderful studio here in St. Pete. I study more at your studio than any other–and am so grateful to have you here! (And my scoliosis-ridden spine says a bigger THANK YOU as well, even if I strongly dislike always having to work on my harder side!! I went in for a physical and actually learned that I have grown nearly an inch!!) I am pleased to have found your studio and so pleased to study with you and have you all in my new St. Petersburg Life. Thank you!

— Lora

I just want to thank you for your guidance and your effort into putting together this transformative practices for your students. Your devotion is contagious and I feel very fortunate to be part of your program… As I find myself in the middle of this program I can’t help it but be very thankful to all of you for your passion and your dedication. I am very excited and eager to continue on this journey of self exploration as it has already brought me so much inner peace, self appreciation and so much more that is even hard to put into words. (Feedback about our Yogi Training Program)

— Paola

Thank you for the opportunity to share how my first experience at a Yoga class was. My daughter attended the kids class while I went upstairs for an adult class. We both loved it. My daughter asked me after class if she could go everyday! I feel the same way. I am joining you again tomorrow and plan to have my daughter there every Wednesday. Thank you again.

— Tina Clark

I have been a serious runner for many years and have coped with pain in my lower back and especially my glutes and hamstrings for almost as long. Sometimes the pain is excruciating. Needless to say I have looked for the best holistic treatments and practitioners wherever I lived in various parts of the country – all with limited success.

I just moved to St. Petersburg and lucked out in being sent to St. Petersburg Yoga. They gave me a series of related poses that have made me feel great. They are soothing and easy to do. And best of all, they really work. I could have written this sooner, but I feel it is more valid in that I have been doing the series daily for over a month, and the results are better than ever. Thanks.

— Andrew S.

The instructor was great. Great instructions, calm demeanor, reassured us that pain was not the goal. I have been to many yoga studios where the instructor is condescending and complementary only of the most advanced students. I appreciated St. Petersburg Yoga’s approach!

— Erin Coleman

The instructor was thorough, very helpful in levels and suggestions for all levels and all students, accessible in information and suggestions about both the physical practice of yoga and outside elements; very noteworthy, impressionable, and impressive. I’ll be back!

— Sarah Wells

I had the most amazing experience at St Petersburg Yoga. The instructor was amazing. I felt a 100% difference in myself just by attending. I recommend this place to anyone. It’s great for the mind and great for the soul.

— Jamie

I’d like to take this opportunity to say how much I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the St. Petersburg Yoga community and especially a part of the Yogi Training groups. It’s been so rewarding and enlightening to be with others from ‘my tribe’. The last 18 months has been huge for me – humbling, education, inspirational, and transformational. Although I still have a long way still to go I know I’m moving in the right direction. So enormous, colossal, infinite thanks to everyone who has been a part of my journey so far. I look forward to many more classes and conversations with you all.

— Kim

Just wanted to say that I love the 4pm Sunday meditation class where we do some restorative poses for the first half and then meditate to peaceful sounds during the second half. That half/half format is very accessible to newer students who can’t meditate for a full hour, but who can get into the breathing and meditative mode of doing the poses and then more easily transfer to 30 minutes of meditation. I love so many of the classes taught at SPY, but this format is probably my favorite. Thank you for adding it this year. Keep up the great work, SPY. I love the community you’ve built.

— Julia W.

After over a year being gone from my “home” studio, St Petersburg Yoga, I entered the lobby and was so warmly welcomed.

During my absence I have visited so many yoga venues and was reminded every time of the single most important (in my view) aspect missing from most, if not all of them. Excellence in teaching is always at the heart of St Pete Yoga’s offerings.  Many other business practices, like keeping the cost reasonable so excellent yoga practice is accessible to almost all, are also marks of this lovely place.

My yoga practice dates back to the Fall of 1973 and includes several U.S. states and a couple of countries. Trust me when I say, you won’t find better, consistently excellent teaching anywhere.

— Linda

After your class full of long, carefully coached leg and hip stretches last night, I did not utter my usual morning “owww” upon awakening.  Then I stood up and couldn’t figure out what was going on. I felt… what is this?… oh, that’s “good”.  And I walked without my customary morning zombie gait, or needing to take time for my knees to boot up before walking me around.  I’m amazed.  Thank you.  I was afraid that pain and stiffness that I’d been suffering from for so long was just how life had to be from now on.  I can see life at the end of the tunnel, now.

— Cathy Naghitorabi

My mobility and spirit improves on a weekly basis because I am attending classes at St. Petersburg Yoga.  The mental impact has been pure free-flowing bliss, hope for mobile longevity with this 60-year-young body, and so much gratitude for support from the best trained yoga professionals in the Tampa Bay Area. I’ve learned so much about how my body is unique in my practice of yoga.  I’ve learned how to use props to keep me more comfortable during the practice which helps me do a position ‘my way’ and avoid injury. Just as important, I’ve learned to find my “edge” and not cross it, ignoring how everyone else is doing nearby. It has worked fantastically!  In my first 3 months at SPY I have gotten a chronic knee problem under control by focusing on Restorative / Therapeutic practices. Whenever I got discouraged I found compassion and encouragement that has helped to reshape my perception of the mind body connection. My knee has recovered to the point where I’ve recently been able to add the Classic / Fundamentals class because my core now feels ready for it. Joy Joy and more Joy… & lifelong thanks to Chris and his dedicated team!

— T. Levy

As a first time yoga student working on some specific health issues I have been fortunate enough to have private lessons at St Pete Yoga. The depth of experience, clarity of demonstrative explanation and reassuring positivism combine to give me motivation and confidence. I readily see how the yoga experience will be a most beneficial step in my health and well-being. The St. Petersburg Yoga facility is outstanding. It is a well-equipped and pleasant facility that is pristine. Based on my experience I can unqualifiedly recommend St. Petersburg Yoga.

— John Paul Jones

I joined the teacher/training program at St. Pete Yoga  motivated by my fitness goals and a desire to expand my repertoire of fitness expertise. What I have gained in return has, literally, stunned me. The training has been so much more than I could ever have imagined. It has taught me to be kind and gentle to myself, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Being a mother of five children, St. Pete Yoga has been the most relaxing, life-giving, safe place for me to grow and become more balanced in my daily life. (Feedback about our Yogi Training Program)

— Dawn Wilder

The instruction I’ve received at St Petersburg Yoga has made a profound difference in the quality of my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. As a blind person with Type 1 diabetes, I was pleased to find a studio that provides one-on-one sessions . From the very start, I’ve been treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect, and, during every class, my individual needs are carefully considered. Because stress management plays a huge role in diabetes management, I am really benefiting from both the physical exercise and the meditative techniques that yoga provides. Through St. Pete Yoga’s excellent teaching I’ve gained greater strength, flexibility, and balance; not only on the mat, but in my life.

— Amy K.

My daughter Daria is taking Kid Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays and she just loves her and the practice. I also can take restorative at the same time. I wish I had practiced yoga when my other girls were younger,(not that I have given up on them coming with me), but this is really a special experience for both of us. Learning to balance the mind, body, and spirit can never happen to soon in our lives.

— Laurie G.

Today I took my very first Yoga class. I just wanted to send a quick note to say how much I enjoyed my experience! I have been doing CrossFit training for over a year now at crossfit9 and have been hoping to supplement this high-intensity program with something a little different. Part of the CrossFit philosophy is to regularly learn and practice new exercise routines. I am confident that Yoga will be a great addition to my health & wellness program and will also benefit my CrossFit training. I’m excited to learn more and will be back next week for another class. Thanks so much, see you soon!

— Jenny Anderson

I am in St. Petersburg for a couple of weeks. I found your studio/classes online. I called the number and didn’t leave a message but Chris called me back to see if I had any questions and how he could help. I thought that was incredibly nice and professional of him and didn’t hesitate to call back when I wasn’t sure where yoga on the beach was located that night. The instructor was great and I really enjoyed the class. She had a ton of energy and ran a wonderful class.

I went last night again to yoga on the beach, this time with another instructor. She was absolutely amazing – she was an encouraging, patient, and dedicated instructor. She spent 1:1 time with me on some poses I was struggling with and gave me tons of personal tips and feedback. She was one of the best instructors I’ve ever taken a class from. Thank you again for providing such great classes. I hope to go to more before I leave.

— Corey Hope Leaffer

This is my fifth year as  yoga student working on some specific health issues. I have been fortunate  to have private lessons with a superb and patient teacher at St. Petersburg Yoga. His depth of experience, patience, clarity of demonstrating each lessons. Whenever I was not very motivated to come to class all I needed to do is to remember how I felt great after class.  Well it did not take long to become motivated to go to class. I readily see how the yoga experience will be a most beneficial step in my health and well-being, and improve my golf swing, which help to increase my confidence.  The end result I was able to lower my handicap by 4 strokes. The St. Petersburg Yoga facility is outstanding. It is a well-equipped and pleasant facility that is pristine.

— D. Turner

The energy at this studio is warm, welcoming and very supportive. I love this studio! The teachers are well-trained and helpful in directing me in my personal practice.

— Erin Erickson

Thank you for the five months of inspirational practices while I have been on assignment far from home. I walked in at the beginning of April, tired and lonely and you welcomed me with open arms. Your studio has been a rock for me. Each practice has cultivated awareness, patience and gratitude for all I have (and do not have.) I look forward to practicing with you again soon.

— Dana

I did my absolute first class of meditation, restore and sound at St. Pete Yoga last Sunday and I have had the best sleep as well as the best week in a long time. I am now hooked this was an awesome class as a newbie.

— Sherry H.