Powerful, yet mindful, this dynamic class style is designed to give students a strong, fast-paced class with plenty of challenge, while minimizing risk of injury through carefully selected postures and sequences.

We take a mindful approach to strengthening practice by thoughtfully designing our classes with postures that give our students the most potential for transformation and growth while presenting the lowest risk of injury. With this forefront attention to safe transformation we are able to help assist students in becoming very powerful physical practitioners while avoiding injury. We have seen so many students in the Yoga world incur injuries in power classes that take them out of Yoga and away from their practice; it’s our priority to provide a place in the community for students to experience the exciting world of unlimited gain without the pain.

In these classes the instructor will guide the class using a mix of strong styles including: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, and Aerial Swing; basing their posture and sequence choices on what they feel would be most balancing for the students in attendance. With a range of strong styles in their toolbox, the instructor is able to design a challenging practice that focuses on evenly strengthening the whole body.

In addition to the many potential physical benefits from our power classes, students using the classes to help balance their lives will experience a great deal of benefits in the Mind. Students who struggle with confidence in their bodies or minds find the benefit of strengthening through power classes to carry over to their minds and lives off the mat. Those who are challenged by depression or low energy are successfully using power classes to bring balancing uplifting energy to their lives as a natural medicine for these dispositions.

Whether you are new to Yoga or a long-time practitioner we encourage you to use these classes if you feel that a challenging, energizing class will help you move towards a more balanced body and mind.


Recommended For:

— Increasing Energy
— Gaining Strength
— Core & Toning
— Anti-Depression, Mood-Lifting
— Weight Loss
— Detoxifying
— Improving Stamina

What to expect

  • Faster paced, flow style class
  • A mix of strong styles: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Power, and Aerial Swing
  • Strong postures designed to maximize potential and minimize risk
  • Emphasis on core strength, joint integrity, and muscle lengthening
  • Each class typically begins and ends with lengthening restorative postures

Questions about Classes?