Slow moving with longer hold times, these mostly floor-based classes are designed to address physical pain, increase flexibility, and slow down the racing mind…

St. Petersburg Yoga has long been known for its Restorative classes, which have helped thousands of students over the last 25 years rehabilitate from injuries, gain space and range of motion, and renew the body to a more liberated and lighter state.

Our experienced Yoga instructors gear these classes towards addressing the foundational causes of physical pain and tightness. The classes are accessible to any body, as the instructor will help you customize each posture for your own uniquely appropriate depth. Many times students will not get off the floor in these classes, as they are heavily oriented towards stretching rather than strengthening (although they do help strengthen more inward supportive muscles, like those along the spine).

In addition to the physical benefits you’ll gain in our restorative classes, many students use these classes for their mental benefits. These slower paced classes are ideal for balancing out a busy fast-paced lifestyle which so many of us identify with, and can be very balancing for many of the mind challenges we face including chronic stress and anxiety.

We offer over 20 Restorative group classes each week. If you are interested in working one-on-one with an instructor on your challenges, we also offer Private Yoga Sessions.


Recommended For:

— Back Pain Relief
— Gaining Flexibility
— Stress & Anxiety
— Rehabbing Injuries
— Athletes
— Slowing Down the Racing Mind
— Balancing out a fast paced life
— Balancing to stronger physical activity
— Prenatal

What to expect

  • Slow moving with longer hold times, mostly floor-based postures
  • Mainly stretch-oriented postures
  • Slower moving pace
  • Longer hold postures
  • Emphasis on big breathing
  • Postures that increase flexibility
  • Postures that build joint integrity & regain space

Questions about Classes?