Back problems & pain are an epidemic in our culture, but it doesn’t have to be that way. These classes will help back pain sufferers use Yoga to address the underlying causes of their back pain, safely and effectively.

St. Petersburg Yoga has a reputation for being the trusted go-to place for Yoga to recover from back pain. For over 30 years our studio has specialized in helping those with back pain, scoliosis, pinched nerves, herniated discs, and many other spinal challenges. Many St. Petersburg area chiropractors and other physicians regularly refer patients to us.

These classes are designed to address the foundational causes of back pain which include: tightness / lack of range of motion, side-to-side muscular imbalances, lack of joint space, and weakness of supportive muscles along the spine and joints. With the most common back issues, many styles and postures in Yoga are not only unhelpful, but actually harmful. In these Restorative style classes you’ll learn not only postures to help you move away from back pain, but also learn what movements to avoid.

In addition to over 20 classes for back pain each week, we also offer Private Yoga Sessions which can be helpful for getting one-on-one advice and customized practices for your conditions.

What to expect

  • Longer hold, mostly floor-based postures
  • Assistance customizing the postures to target your needs and avoid injury
  • Stretch-oriented postures that decompress the spine and joints
  • Focus on side-to-side imbalances (which is commonly at the root of back pain)
  • Focus on regaining space between the joints (also at the root of most back pain)
  • Postures that help strengthen the small (often atrophied) supportive muscles along the spine
  • Often the instructor will ask what people need specific help with, and if you let them know they’ll gear the class towards your specific pains

Yoga for Back Pain Class Schedule

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new virtual class platform, where you can access Yoga for Back Pain classes online 24/7. Rent individual videos or subscribe for all-access. Learn more about all our virtual offerings on We are not currently offering any in-studio group classes.

Yoga for Back Pain Virtual Classes

Yoga for Back Pain Workshop

We regularly hold workshops to work specifically on back pain. Please visit our list of upcoming workshops to see when our next Yoga for Back Pain workshop is scheduled. Sign up in advance as space is limited, and this workshop fills up! Workshops are included with unlimited pass, or $25 without.

Learn More & Enroll

Get Help With:

— Lower Back Pain
— Upper Back Pain
— Neck / Cervical Spine Pain
— Structural Misalignments
— Spinal Compression
— Herniated Discs
— Bulging / Compressed Discs
— Scoliosis
— Sciatica
— Spinal Stenosis
— Arthritis
— Hyperlordosis
— Hyperkyphosis
— Degenerative Disk Disease
— Spondylosis
— Spondylolisthesis
— Pinched Nerves
— Headaches from Back Issues


St. Petersburg Yoga founder Chris Acosta, an E-RYT 500, has been working with back challenges for three decades. First healing his own pinched nerves, herniated discs, arthritis, and scoliosis with Yoga; he has since taught thousands how to do the same for themselves.


Yoga to for Back Pain DVD

This DVD can be a great assist to practicing at home when you can’t make it to class, or for sending to someone out of town. The cost is $19.95, and you can purchase it here.


Yoga Swings for Spinal Traction

Inverting in our Yoga Swings can be a valuable tool for decompressing the spine, especially the low back. You can hang in a swing after any class, and we also have them available for purchase if you’d like to use one in your home. It’s a surprisingly accessible tool that has helped many!