200 Hour Yogi Training (200 RYT)

A progressive 200 hour, 6 month exploration for anyone at any experience level that wants to learn to use Transformative Yoga for Mind, Body, & Life wellness, regardless of whether or not you have any aspiration of teaching.

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500 Hour Yogi Training (500 RYT)

A 300 Hour, 9 month program open to students who have completed their RYT 200 and would like to deepen their Self-Exploration through Yoga & Meditation, and ability to use that Knowledge to teach outwardly.

About the Program


Mind-Body-Life Courses & CEUs

We offer 2.5 hour courses each weekend on many aspects of Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation. These workshops are open to students with any experience level. Yoga teachers can also receive CEU credits for these courses.

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Who is our Yogi training for?

Our program is geared towards helping anyone with any experience level learn to personally grow and transform, by using the broader tools (not just physical ones) of the ancient system of Yoga. Many people come into the program without any previous experience or without any desire to become a teacher to anyone besides themselves.

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