In a private one-on-one setting, you will learn how to use Yoga and Mindfulness tools to move towards understanding and transforming your specific challenges; whether those are in the body, mind or life.

We offer virtual and in-person private and small group sessions. Please inquire below for details.

Individual Yoga sessions can be very powerful tools for growth and transformation. We offer private yoga sessions that take into account the whole person when addressing challenges. In these sessions we work together with the student to co-create a highly customized Yoga practice to discover and address the underlying foundational causes of the challenges.

Depending on the nature of what you need help with, sessions may include: customized physical practices, assisted traction, mindfulness exercises, meditation, breathing techniques, mantra training, guided self-inquiry, and others – depending on the student and their needs.

  • One-on-one assistance using Yoga for body/mind challenges
  • Get help creating a transformation practice customized for you
  • Address your specific injuries and imbalances
  • Custom advice for how to best use group classes
  • Personal attention for your individual needs/questions


$75 virtual. In-person sessions are available on a limited basis, please contact the studio for more information.

Request a Private Session

To setup a private one-on-one Yoga session, please fill out the form below or call (727) 710-7746.

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Private Session Request
Please include all the days/times that work best for you.
After you submit this form we will look over your needs and get back to you with choices of available times to schedule a private session. Thank you, and we look forward to speaking with you!

Private Yoga sessions for challenges including:

— Anxiety & Panic Attacks
— Arthritis
— Asthma
— Autism Spectrum Disorder
— Back Pain
— Body dysmorphia
— Breathing challenges
— Cancer and Recovery
— Chronic back pain
— Chronic neck pain
— Depression
— Disc Disorders
— Eating Disorders
— Fibromyalgia
— Headaches & Migraines
— Heart disease
— Hypertension
— Injury Rehabilitation
— Insomnia
— Neck Pain & Injuries
— Osteoporosis
— Parkinson’s
— Post-partum
— Sciatica
— Scoliosis
— Sleep disorders
— Spinal stenosis
— Spondolysthesis
— Trauma
— and more…

I wanted to say a few words about the satisfaction and progress my wife and I have had since starting Yoga, at St.Petersburg Yoga. My wife and I started our journey at St Pete Yoga with private sessions, designed specifically for us and our very specific needs and abilities. Our teacher is a perfect coach for us, based on his life history and training, he understands us fully. Many days my wife has hobbled in pain into class, only to strut out pain free. Her strength, balance, pain, mental clarity and peacefulness have all been improved. My balance, strength, flexibility, tremors and pain has been greatly improved as well.

Bob Jones & Barby Jones

As a first time yoga student working on some specific health issues I have been fortunate enough to have private lessons at St Pete Yoga. The depth of experience, clarity of demonstrative explanation and reassuring positivism combine to give me motivation and confidence. I readily see how the yoga experience will be a most beneficial step in my health and well-being. The St. Petersburg Yoga facility is outstanding. It is a well-equipped and pleasant facility that is pristine. Based on my experience I can unqualifiedly recommend St. Petersburg Yoga.

John Paul Jones

The instruction I’ve received at St Petersburg Yoga has made a profound difference in the quality of my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. As a blind person with Type 1 diabetes, I was pleased to find a studio that provides one-on-one sessions . From the very start, I’ve been treated with the utmost sensitivity and respect, and, during every class, my individual needs are carefully considered. Because stress management plays a huge role in diabetes management, I am really benefiting from both the physical exercise and the meditative techniques that yoga provides. Through St. Pete Yoga’s excellent teaching I’ve gained greater strength, flexibility, and balance; not only on the mat, but in my life.

Amy K