Our Transformative workshops will give you a chance to look deeper (and from a holistic point of view) at a specific topic; ranging from body challenges like back pain, to mind challenges like anxiety.

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These workshops are open to anyone interested in using Yoga’s mind-body-life tools for improving their wellness — no previous Yoga experience needed. Depending on the workshop subject, the session may involve physical movement, writing exercises, discussion, and other forms of self-reflection.

The workshops are non-intimidating environments which allow the student to participate and share as much or as little as they’d like. For many students who attend, seeing and being around other people working on similar challenges is a powerful thing in itself.

Workshops are taught by our Yoga Alliance Certified Instructors who have all received their training through our Yogi Training program. We pick instructors to teach workshops which they have had direct and personal experience making headway on, so they can really relate to you!

If you have any questions about our workshops, please feel welcome to call our studio 727-894-9642 or drop by the studio in person.

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$25Workshop (details)
($25 if you do not have have an unlimited pass. If you do have an unlimited pass, workshops are included.)


— Time: 1:00 – 3:30pm Sat. or Sun.
— No Experience Needed
— Included with Unlimited Pass
— $25 Without a Pass (Buy)
— Teachers: Receive CEU Credits


The simplicity workshop was life changing. At least four points that were made yesterday resonated with me as “aha” moments. For the past ten days I had been waking up in a negative, self deprecating, struggling mental state which set the tone for my day. After determining what my ” loudest noise” was, weighing the difference between abundance and scarcity, love and fear, want and need, I was able to wake up in a state of peace and quiet. I thank you, for a most enlightening afternoon!

— Michelle