Yoga Headstand Bench for Neck / Cervical Spine Traction


  • Inversion support system
  • Traction therapy for the neck and shoulders
  • Core stability and strengthening device
  • Allows safer and more stable access to inversions

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The neck and shoulder stand is a great tool for tractioning the cervical spine, which is especially helpful for those with neck pain or tension. If you identify with “holding tension” in your neck / shoulders, this would be a helpful tool for you. Though it may look like it takes a lot of strength to use, it’s actually a very accessible posture. To use for neck relief you’ll want to push the stand up against a wall, get down on your knees in front of the stand, and then put your head in the hole so your shoulders are supported on the stand. Then come up on your toes and start to walk your feet in so the weight of your hips is more directly over your torso. Then kick your legs up the wall. In order to use the device for traction, we recommend relaxing your hips against the wall so you can better relax your shoulders.



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