In these kid-centric yoga classes your children will learn and practice the fundamentals of Mindfulness in body, breath, mind and life; in ways that are accessible and make sense to them!

As healthy as these classes are for kids development and growth, they are also super fun! In addition to fun and energizing movements they will be practicing creative ways to center their mind; feel their breath; work with others; and find and trust their individual edge. All our Kids Yoga instructors are certified Yoga Alliance instructors at the highest level.

For the Parents — We also have classes for adults happening at the same time/day right down the hall, which is a great option for parents who want to take their own class while the kids take one too. On Mon/Weds the adult class style is Classic Fundamentals and on Tues/Thurs it’s Restorative.

If you have any questions about our Kids Mindful Yoga classes, please feel welcome to call our studio 727-894-9642 or drop by the studio for a personal consult.

Pricing Options

Kids Single Class — $10.00
Kids 10 Class Pass — $50.00 (no expiration)

If you have more than one child, your kids are welcome to share the 10 class pass option.

Kids Mindful Yoga Schedule

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new virtual class platform, where you can access classes online 24/7. Rent individual videos or subscribe for all-access. Learn more about all our virtual offerings on We are not currently offering any in-studio group classes.

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Kids Will Practice:

— Age Appropriate Mindfulness
— Body Awareness & Edge
— Cooperation & Awareness of Others
— Managing Thoughts & Emotions
— Self-Calming Techniques
— Kid-Friendly Breathing Exercises
— Noticing Thoughts & Emotions

Kids Yoga Testimonials

My daughter Daria is taking Kids Yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays and she just loves her and the practice. I also can take Restorative at the same time. I wish I had practiced yoga when my other girls were younger, (not that I have given up on them coming with me), but this is really a special experience for both of us. Learning to balance the mind, body, and spirit can never happen too soon in our lives.

— Laurie G.

The first word that comes to mind is ‘Enchanted”. Children ranging in age and abilities were given the opportunity to learn some yoga principles. The instructor worked the entire group through a mastery of praise and encouragement to motivate and inspire. Patiently and lovingly she prodded the class into examining feelings, actions and consequences. There is not a doubt in my mind, the abilities the children received from this class will certainly benefit them throughout their lives.  
Serious and significant as the class was there was also levity. A sheer joy that Children seem able to express when they feel safe and accepted. Everyone of the Children were very willing to teach me some Yoga breathing practices along with postures. What FUN !

— Mickey

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