Starting on the weekend of August 19/20, 2017 we are excited to be starting a course for Yoga Teachers on (How to Teach Yoga Meditation). It can be a Specialty Yoga Teaching Certificate. It also serves for your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education requirements. Additionally, it can be a start for the YA-500 training (one 50 hour module). This will give you competency in teaching the breadth and depth of meditation classes. Just like one type of physical Yoga is not right for all students, the same is true for Meditation Yoga. You will be trained in many different and transformative meditation styles giving you the ability to create specific meditations for the needs of individual students.

There are a number of ways to use this course:

For Teachers

It can be used as a supplemental Yoga Meditation Teaching Certificate (50 hours).

  • Cost is $499.
  • It simply requires that you have started a 200 hour training program but doesn’t require that it is completed.
  • It can be completed in 5 weeks or spread over 6 months.

It can be used as Yoga Alliance CEU’S

  • Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Requirements are 50 hours per two year period for all certified instructors to keep up their RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) status. 
  • It can be completed in 5 weeks or spread over 6 months.
  • Cost is $499.

It can be the start of your 500 certificate. (300 hours combined with your existing 200). 

  • It can be concentrated into 6 months or paced out over 12 months!
  • The cost is $2999, but if you have been or are currently in St. Petersburg Yoga’s 200 program it is $2499
  • Payments can be spread out over 6 to 10 months.

Program Structure

The program is 50 hours that are accumulated over 4 components:

  1. Five intensives from 1pm to 5pm on August 19th &20th, and September 9th, 10th, and 30th.
  2. 5 hours of home study practice
  3. 3 practice sessions (in studio)
  4. 10 meditation classes (view our meditation schedule for days/times of some of the weekly classes that options for you can take at your pace).


If interested, call 727-894-9642 or send us an email by August 17th to save your spot.