Black Aerial Yoga Inversion Swing + Yoga Swing DVD

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  • Combo includes 1 Swing + 1 Yoga to Heal Your Back DVD
  • Swing is made from high strength parachute fabric
  • Weighs just 2.9 lbs (or 1.3 KG)
  • Assembled in less than a minute
  • Six easy grip handles

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The Inversion Sling or Yoga Swing is a Yoga prop that can be used in a variety of ways; from strength building and joint stabilizing, to relieving back pain. This swing is made from super durable parachute material, and on either side there are three arm and leg handles at different heights. The swing is very compact and sizes down nicely in a convenient carrying case. At just 2.9 lbs, you can take it anywhere and hang it in less than a minute.

Using the Yoga Swing for Back Pain

Inverting in a Yoga Swing can be a valuable tool for decompressing the spine, especially the low back / lumbar spine. When used as a tractioning tool for back pain, the hips are supported in the hammock while the arms hang down overhead. The hanger tries to relax as much as possible and as they do it gives the spine a chance to decompress. Inverting in the swing can also be beneficial for flushing the lymphatic system. For more information on using Yoga for Back Pain we recommend our Yoga to Heal Back Pain DVD. If you’re in the St. Petersburg, Florida area we also recommend trying out our Yoga for Back Pain classes.

Using the Yoga Swing for Strengthening, Flexibility & Balance

The Yoga swing can be used as a prop for a variety of strengthening postures. It allows the practitioner a safe and fun way to explore variations of Yoga postures that involve added balance or traction. Because the swing forces instability, it helps build the stabilizing muscles that support the joints like the knees. Improve core strength, increase flexibility, and built joint integrity, all while having some mindful fun! If you’re looking for instruction on how to use the Yoga Swing for strengthening and flexibility, check out our Aerial Yoga Swing DVD or if you’re in the St. Petersburg, Florida area try out our Yoga Swing Classes.

How to Install

Please see our Yoga Swing Installation Instructions for details.

About the DVD Included

This Swing + DVD combo comes with a copy of the DVD Yoga Swing: A Beginners Guide to Learning 100’s of Yoga Swing Postures. This DVD is an easy-to-follow Yoga Swing series – designed for joint and spine decompression, as well as gaining core strength. Through safe and mindful sequencing, long-time Yogi Chris Acosta shows you how to approach the Yoga Swing as a full Mind-Body healing practice.


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