Why Real Yoga Doesn’t Look Graceful

By February 17, 2016 May 9th, 2016 Yoga

Unlike the beautiful dance of ballet or the tango, the physical postures of Yoga are not meant to be performed as an art form. The physical postures of Yoga are meant to help us reveal imbalances in the body and help us bring the body into a more balanced state. We want to move away from pain and discomfort in the body and create a balance in strength and in flexibility between opposing areas of the body. We look for weakness or tightness in the body with special attention to any area that is lacking compared to its opposite. After identifying imbalance(s), we work to gradually increase our strength and/or range of motion in those places in order to achieve a more balanced state. In this way, Yoga is a practice, a skill in action. Unlike the beautiful dance of ballet which is meant to be graceful and poised, Yoga can be gangly and awkward. Yoga is a skill of sensing and navigating your imbalances, always seeking balance in mind, body, and life.


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